How To Sell Your Franchise Model

Selling your franchise model is easier than you think. You are offering an opportunity for independence and stability in an uncertain world. Owning a franchise provides franchisees a established system to build upon, and your guidance and experience to help them succeed.

Yes, you need to have:

  • A compelling franchise website
  • An effective lead generation mechanism – a Sales System
  • An developed CRM
  • A standardized sales process
  • A great follow-up systems
  • An engaging “Discovery Day” Process

But, You also Need A Great Story!

Tell a great story! You know what it’s like sitting around a fire with friends, laughing and telling stories. Having images running though your head as someone elaborately describes a great venture, or even a disaster in the making. You, laugh, you bond, and you build memories. Even as you’re reading this, I suspect some of those memories came back, and you cracked a smile as you thought about!

Your story, and the success of your brand, has the ability to evoke desires of owning your franchise business-and being a success.

Your prospects contacted you because they have a dream of owning their own business, and being successful! Help them visualize achieving that dream through your business model.

People love a great story! So, if your sales team has a genuine desire to want your potential franchisees to succeed, and takes the time to ask follow-up question to truly get to know the candidate’s goals, objectives and desires for owing their own business, showing how your business can achieve their objectives is easy. Your sales team can tell the founder’s story and encourage prospects to speak with your franchisees. Your sales team can tell stories about how client’s love the model’s unique attributes, and how it drives business. These compelling stories help your future franchisees visualize themselves operating your business, and this creates ownership in the desire to become one of your franchisees.

Your Sales System & Process

Have a sales system that not only validates the prospect’s ability to fit well into your system, but one that take’s point in guiding the candidate through your process; a process that builds upon the excitement of owning your own business.

Every model has its unique candidate qualifications and financial requirements to start the franchise business. But, given today’s technology and the ability to research a business, your candidates already have a good idea of what is necessary to be considered as a potential candidate.

Quick follow-up and engagement is paramount in this “instant gratification” world we now live in. People expect that through technology they will receive a prompt response from a franchise network, receive initial brochures, and an opportunity to speak with the franchisor. Take advantage of this opportunity.


Your future franchisees have the ability to conduct a considerable amount of research on their own.

A good CRM system supports your sales teams efforts, for it can educate prospects about your business through campaigned content; can provide answers to frequently asked questions; and, can reveal the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales process.

A good CRM helps motivate future franchisees to proceed forward with a discovery day.

Your sales team’s effective use of your marketing materials accelerates the research process. Your sales team should know what the candidate seeks, and be able to get this material in your prospects hands in the right order and at the right time in their discovery process.

Discovery Day

Due to “covid”, most Discovery Day’s became virtual. As we get back to some normalcy post “covid”, both traditional visits and virtual discovery days will be utilized. Regardless of the process used, your sales team should highlight the Discovery Day. The sales team should emphasize that the Discovery Day is educational, but it should also be exciting & fun. The sales team should express excitement about how the prospect will have the opportunity to see your well-established model, to discover that it will be easily operated using your systems, and, if applicable, speak with the support that is in place to help them throughout the life of their business. Sales to elaborate if the process includes “a day in the life” as a franchisee owner. And, the sales team can express the opportunity to meet key management personnel. You sales team can take advantage of the discovery day by presenting an literary in advance so the prospect know what to expect, building anticipation for the Discovery Day.

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