About Us

All franchise consulting firms claim to be experienced in franchising, but few have the real-word experience of building an eight figure franchise network. We do! We know what it take to build a franchise system from the ground up, develop systems, and expand internationally. Let us explain:

Building a Franchise Systems Takes Time & Dedication

We have been on the front lines of building a franchise system from humble beginnings to an international player. We know areas to address up front, what takes time to develop, and where capital needs to be focused. Like every success story, like building your profitable business, it takes time to build a world class franchise organization. Your systems will evolve and improve over time, your sales team will become versed in properly identifying good franchise candidates, your franchise support team will develop a training rhythm for accelerating franchisee success, and your operations team will become skilled at managing a growing franchise network. And yes, like building your business, it is hard work. But, the pay-out for all the hard work and dedication to franchisee success builds recurring revenues for you – generational wealth!

Who We Are & What We Offer

A Full Service Firm

Franchising International Quest (Franchise-IQ) is a full service professional franchise consulting firm with a great deal of experience with FTC regulations, state franchise laws and franchise applications, and expertise in establishing franchise systems designed to foster franchisee success.  Our services address all facets of franchisor development from initial feasibility studies and strategic planning to onboarding and franchisee management to specialized departmental development.  We provide entrepreneurs an effective foundation to start franchising their business, and quickly grow.

Saving you time and money is our goal!

Franchise-IQ is dedicated to providing total quality, value, and client satisfaction. Equally important, we believe that good service requires a determined and specific emphasis on containing costs. With our fixed price contracts and flexibility in contract price, structure, and timing, we can save our clients both time and money.

Business Knowledge Transfer

We started Franchise-IQ with the understanding that the franchisee success depends as much on the effectiveness of your business model as it does in the ability to quickly transfers your business knowledge and experience to franchisees, providing a model and support system that significantly increases success. So, we begin our process by exploring all the facets of your business model, learning your current training methodologies, and getting to know the team that will be coaching franchisees. Working together, we create a system designed for success. Through this method, we prepare the foundational documentation your franchise departments will follow, and your teams will be governed by when working together toward network success.

Enlisting Strategic Partners

Franchise-IQ has cultivated relationships with strategic partners to help you accelerate your launch, so you can focus you efforts on the growth and success of your new franchise business.  Our strategic partners are there to help you quickly grow and manage your business.

We know franchising. And we understand the importance of strategic relationships to cultivate a great franchise model. Our strategic partners are experienced in:

  • Royalty & Fund processing
  • Accounting & financing
  • Marketing, communication and PR
  • Franchise law
  • Software technology stacks

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