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  • 3 Reasons to Upgrade Technology

    3 Reasons to Upgrade Technology

    Regardless of the technology, there are always time, cost and acceptance factors to address Alignment of Infrastructure In todays market, failure to capitalize on the benefits technology offers will lead to business failure. However, alignment of the network’s technology infrastructure with the performance objective increases productivity and profitability is key to a successful implementation. failing…

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  • Learning Organizations = Increased Profitability

    Learning Organizations = Increased Profitability

    Being a “Learning Organization” is key to remaining competitive in this rapidly changing world. Consumers are wiser, and competition more fierce! “Real-time” data, trackable training software, and feed-back loops for processes and products are now necessary for sustainable growth. And in todays market, establishing a network to rapidly transfer knowledge is key to success! Breaking…

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  • 3 Activities to Forge a Strong Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

    3 Activities to Forge a Strong Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

    Franchisees work independently, but are still part of a larger organization. And, expectedly, the franchisor-franchisee relationship evolves over time as franchisor knowledge is transferred to the franchisee. Therefore, it’s not enough for franchisors to just instruct franchisees how to successfully operate the business under the franchisor’s banner. Franchisors must also listen to cultivate good relationships…

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  • Franchisor Growth and Survival

    Franchisor Growth and Survival

    There’s no neutral in business! You either grow or die. In franchising, survival is often determined by the number of units the brand has as much as it is on the product/service itself. To survive, and run with the apexes, one must optimize of the resources at hand, be resourceful; be resolute & honest; and,…

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  • FTC Seeks Public Comment on Franchisors Exerting Control Over Franchisees and Workers

    FTC Seeks Public Comment on Franchisors Exerting Control Over Franchisees and Workers

    The Federal Trade Commission requests comment on franchise agreements and franchisor business practices, including how franchisors may exert control over franchisees and their workers….As part of the Request for Information, the FTC is asking franchisors, franchisees, current and past employees of franchisors and franchisees, government entities, economists, attorneys, academics, consumers, and other interested parties to weigh…

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  • Eating the Elephant – A Coaching Dilemma

    Eating the Elephant – A Coaching Dilemma

    Starting a new business is overwhelming! Although franchising provides the model, the training, and the statistically higher probability for success, starting a new business still evokes a range of emotions for franchisees. They put a strong foot forward, but it is understood that there is a lot of information that is needed to effectively operate…

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  • Items to Discuss with Franchise Candidates

    Items to Discuss with Franchise Candidates

    -A Franchisor Perspective. Each franchise organization has what it considers to be the “ideal” candidate. And this post does not attempt to imply to know what that particular candidate looks like. However, there are some universal factors all franchisee candidates should be aware of. Discussing these factors only builds confidence that franchisee success is truly…

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  • So, You Want to Franchise…

    So, You Want to Franchise…

    Franchising is the the worlds #1 way to expand a small business! But, just franchising a concept is not a guarantee for success. Franchising your business requires dedication to the success of others. Future franchisees must trust in you, your leadership skills to steward growth, your management team, and your ability to evolve the business…

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  • How To Sell Your Franchise Model

    How To Sell Your Franchise Model

    Selling your franchise model is easier than you think. You are offering an opportunity for independence and stability in an uncertain world. Owning a franchise provides franchisees a established system to build upon, and your guidance and experience to help them succeed. Yes, you need to have: But, You also Need A Great Story! Tell…

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  • 7 Important Financial Metrics

    7 Important Financial Metrics

    -Based on 1,000s of franchise sales calls… While there is an increasing number of sophisticated multi-unit owners, confident in running a full financial analysis of the business model, rarely did the many potential franchisees I spoke with venture into a full ROI analysis of the model. The reality is, often franchise owners will own one…

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