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  • Learning Organizations = Increased Profitability

    Learning Organizations = Increased Profitability

    Being a “Learning Organization” is key to remaining competitive in this rapidly changing world. Consumers are wiser, and competition more fierce! “Real-time” data, trackable training software, and feed-back loops for processes and products are now necessary for sustainable growth. And in todays market, establishing a network to rapidly transfer knowledge is key to success! Breaking…

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  • Eating the Elephant – A Coaching Dilemma

    Eating the Elephant – A Coaching Dilemma

    Starting a new business is overwhelming! Although franchising provides the model, the training, and the statistically higher probability for success, starting a new business still evokes a range of emotions for franchisees. They put a strong foot forward, but it is understood that there is a lot of information that is needed to effectively operate…

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  • 10 Questions All Franchisees Should Be Asked

    10 Questions All Franchisees Should Be Asked

    Coaching franchisees is not easy. They are dealing with the daily stress of being the leader and running their business, making sure they can take care of their team as well as themselves and their families. And, as there is an contractual relationship that often requires financial and other performance factors, franchise owners will sometimes…

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