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  • Items to Discuss with Franchise Candidates

    Items to Discuss with Franchise Candidates

    -A Franchisor Perspective. Each franchise organization has what it considers to be the “ideal” candidate. And this post does not attempt to imply to know what that particular candidate looks like. However, there are some universal factors all franchisee candidates should be aware of. Discussing these factors only builds confidence that franchisee success is truly…

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  • How To Sell Your Franchise Model

    How To Sell Your Franchise Model

    Selling your franchise model is easier than you think. You are offering an opportunity for independence and stability in an uncertain world. Owning a franchise provides franchisees a established system to build upon, and your guidance and experience to help them succeed. Yes, you need to have: But, You also Need A Great Story! Tell…

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  • 7 Important Financial Metrics

    7 Important Financial Metrics

    -Based on 1,000s of franchise sales calls… While there is an increasing number of sophisticated multi-unit owners, confident in running a full financial analysis of the business model, rarely did the many potential franchisees I spoke with venture into a full ROI analysis of the model. The reality is, often franchise owners will own one…

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  • The Importance of Franchise Ambassadors

    The Importance of Franchise Ambassadors

    Franchising provides “co-entrepreneurs” the opportunity to start their own businesses with the support and guidance of an established brand. But selling franchises requires more than just a great business idea and a proven model, It also requires franchisees that are willing and able to promote and represent the franchise to potential buyers. That’s where franchise…

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