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  • 3 Reasons to Upgrade Technology

    3 Reasons to Upgrade Technology

    Regardless of the technology, there are always time, cost and acceptance factors to address Alignment of Infrastructure In todays market, failure to capitalize on the benefits technology offers will lead to business failure. However, alignment of the network’s technology infrastructure with the performance objective increases productivity and profitability is key to a successful implementation. failing…

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  • Learning Organizations = Increased Profitability

    Learning Organizations = Increased Profitability

    Being a “Learning Organization” is key to remaining competitive in this rapidly changing world. Consumers are wiser, and competition more fierce! “Real-time” data, trackable training software, and feed-back loops for processes and products are now necessary for sustainable growth. And in todays market, establishing a network to rapidly transfer knowledge is key to success! Breaking…

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  • Franchise Software:  Self-contained vs. Tech-Stack

    Franchise Software: Self-contained vs. Tech-Stack

    The franchise industry continues to see a significant shift towards technology adoption. Franchisees are now using software solutions to manage their businesses more efficiently, automate processes, and gain insights into their operations. However, one of the biggest questions facing franchise owners is whether to invest in an integrated franchise software platform or to implement a…

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