Franchising Your Business – Initial Call

Stop ceding market share to your competitors!

60 Minutes-
Free Initial Consult.

We will introduce you to the world of franchising, and its ability to rapidly expand your business. During the call, we will discuss the franchisability of the business model. To address this, we begin by discussing the following business attributes:

  • Background and history of the company
  • Management team
  • Business processes & procedures
  • Financial structure
  • Unit economics
  • Proprietary property / Trademarks
  • Franchise network leadership

What You’ll Learn:

– Is the business franchisable
– Our franchising process
– Time-frame to franchise

We find optimal approaches and craft growth strategies that meet your expansion goals.

Glen Greenfelder

We look forward to helping you develop an organizational framework that provides the opportunity for rapid business expansion.

The procedure we employ is a relatively simple one. Upon your decision to proceed forward, we will present you with a service agreement. Upon our receipt of the signed agreement and the initial payment, we will deliver a pre-development questionnaire form for you to complete, and provide reference documents to familiarize you with rules, regulations and procedures that pertain to operating your franchise business. In tandem with the questionnaire delivery, our formal due diligence process starts, and the time-line to begin granting your franchise begins.

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