How Much Will It Cost?

We believe that good service also requires a determined and specific emphasis on containing costs. With our fixed price contracts, contacts with outside service providers and licensed professionals, and flexibility in contract price structure/timing, we can save our clients both time and money. Despite our full service approach, we don’t charge a full service price. As such, it is common for our fees to come in at a fraction of the cost of a high-priced franchise law firm or other franchise consulting firms.

The franchise development costs are adjusted based on your business history, your current structure, your current training materials, and your desired markets, among other factors. For an established business with current training materials, the costs for the strategic planning, departmental development, and document services are less expensive than you may expect.

The franchise advisory and consulting services are charged on a flat-fee basis per the service provided. This would be expressed in the initial engagement letter presented before we start work, which describes the scope of work, including time frames and costs. Minus the initial deposit to address strategic planning, each remaining payment disbursement is made upon the submission of documents to the client.

We look forward to helping you prepare the proper documentation and develop an organizational framework that provides for franchise network growth & supervision. As such, in addition to document preparation, our objective is to assist you with developing systems that provide franchisees with guidance and support. We will discuss departments, manuals, marketing materials, location selection and, when applicable, layout of architectural standards.

The question to be asking yourself…What is it costing me in market share to keep delaying my expansion?

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