Franchising Your Business-The Process

Journey to Becoming a Franchisor

Once you’ve decided to franchise your business, our elaborate preparation process begins. Our objective is for you to be able to file your application within 90 days of initial engagement of our services. Upon the signing of our contract, additional fact finding must be undertaken and due diligence must be maintained; entities are established, and operations and other manuals and guides must be prepared; the FDD and related documents must be drafted, presented, and then filed with the state’s staff, and any comments the staff has must be responded to. These, and any number of other complicated tasks must be accomplished by working in tandem with you to accelerate your franchising objective.

  • Strategic Planning:

    Refine objective, anticipate risks, and formulate a strategy to achieve the desired results.

  • Corporate Development:

    Establish the formal franchise business structure that acts as the foundation for organizational development.

  • Franchise Disclosure Document (the “FDD ” ) Preparation

    Facilitate Preparing a regulatory compliant document that ensures proper presentation of the system and protects the model. As the document is being drafted, we will advise the introduction of counsel for document review.

  • 1st Strategic Partner Introduction:

    Franchise-IQ is NOT a law firm. We advise each of our clients to engage legal counsel to prepare the final FDD prior to submission, and to address possible State comment letters.

    Franchise-IQ is not an accounting firm. Although audited financial may not be required in the initial stages, we advise each of our clients to engage an accounting firm versed in franchise auditing practices.

  • Manuals, Guides and Training Systems:

    Build a training systems that provides operational standards, rapid knowledge transfer, and network oversight to avoid discontinuities in the franchise system.

  • 2nd Strategic Partner Introduction:

    If desired, we will introduce you to our strategic partners that provide services to help streamline & enhance your franchise operations ( see: Strategic Partners).

  • Software Integration:

    Help create a software ecosystem that improves sales, increases efficiencies, and provides ease of access for customers.

  • Sales Agent Introduction:

    Finalize sales agent discussions, and, if applicable, begin the requested introduction process.

  • Begin Granting Franchises!

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