Our Founder

Glen Greenfelder is the President of Franchising International Quest, LLC, “Franchise-IQ”. Prior to establishing Franchise-IQ, Mr. Greenfelder gained a decade of franchise experience as  the COO/CFO of an eight figure franchise organization operating throughout the US and Canada; and, in tandem, garnered 9 years of experience as franchise owner.

In addition to his decade of franchise regulatory experience, both nationally and internationally, Mr. Greenfelder’s franchise development knowledge includes:

  • Franchise department development
  • New franchise system implementation
  • Franchisee onboarding
  • Royalty and other fee establishment and tracking systems
  • Franchise network development
  • Franchisee sales
  • Franchise tech-stack development
  • Partner & employee agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Construction schedules

Prior, Mr. Greenfelder spent over a decade in finance.  As President of a financial consulting firm, he advised clients on, and facilitated, public listings and M&As; formulating client’s business restructuring, development and growth strategies. 

As Executive VP of a level III brokerage firm, Mr. Greenfelder was entrusted with managing the firm’s regulatory filing and compliance matters. These financial roles required a comprehensive knowledge of both federal laws, such as the Securities Act, the Exchange Act, both the Investment Company Act & Investment Advisors Act, as, and state “Blue Sky” laws, and how these laws relate to both public and private investment vehicles. 

As with his financial roles, Mr. Greenfelder’s position as the franchisor’s COO/CFO required an in-depth understanding of both federal (FTC “Franchise Rule”), and state franchise laws, rules, and regulations for granting franchises throughout the United States as well as an clear understanding of provincial regulations of the 6 Canadian provinces.

If it is determined that your business is ready to franchise, Mr. Greenfelder will work with you to help  your business become a fully developed franchise system that presents a strong quality signal to your future franchisees.

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