Strategic Planning & Corporate Development

Franchise-IQ begins by conducting a detailed review of your business model and your strategic market position. We establish the formal structure of your franchise business model.

Franchise Development

Franchise-IQ works with you to accelerate your franchise development through departmental documentation needed to successfully operate the departments, manage your corporate team, and monitor the network; so you can focus your efforts on monitoring and making strategic decisions about franchise support, market presence and market share, brand assets and organization growth.

Franchise Operations Manual

Franchise-IQ works with you to create the required Franchise Operations Manual, and other guides and training documents for your franchise network; Manuals that set the foundation for the relationship between you and the franchise network.

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The Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”), & Exhibits

Franchise-IQ is seasoned in the initial drafting of the FDD and the accompanying exhibits to comply with the Franchise Rule, and the myriad of State laws, rules, and regulations. However, we are not a law firm. The draft FDD we prepare shouldn’t be considered legal advice or services, and we advise legal review prior to submission. Franchise-IQ will facilitate State registrations, filings and notices.

Technology Integration & Development

Franchise-IQ works with you to to integrate software systems for franchisee sales and operational success as well as providing franchisor governance and oversight. Our goal is to stream-line technology for the growth and success of your franchise system.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partner Introduction

Franchise-IQ is proud to introduce our clients to our strategic partners. We has cultivated relationships with strategic partners to help you accelerate your launch, and quickly grow and manage your business.

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