Strategic Partners

Franchise-IQ is proud to introduce our clients to our strategic partners. We has cultivated relationships with strategic partners to help you accelerate your launch, and quickly grow and manage your business. Click the button below to view of strategic partner services:

Professional Introduction to Strategic Partners


Franchise-IQ can introduce our clients to experienced accounting firms that provides off-site “Controller/CFO” type functions for our clients to ensure accurate, timely, and most importantly, affordable quarterly and year-end compilations. This helps ensure that annual audits can be conducted for our clients on a timelier and more affordable basis, at a minimal expense.

Audit – Firm Introduction & Coordination

Franchise-IQ can introduce our clients to a firm that has experience in conducting the necessary review to prepare the audited financial documentation required when registering a franchise disclosure document. We can coordinate the audit for our clients, to ensure that they do not get bogged down and thus slow up the registration process.


Franchise-IQ can introduce our clients to experienced bookkeeping firms that provide off-site “in-house” functions for internal payroll, bill payments, franchisee royalty and fund collections, and other related services, so our clients are well prepared for tax and audit purposes.

Legal Counsel

The FDD is a legal document. Therefore, we encourage our clients to work with legal counsel for final FDD review before filing the initial registration. Franchise-IQ can introduce our clients to firms well established in the franchising arena.


In today’s market, proper utilization of technology is paramount for successfully operating a franchise system, and communicating with customers. Franchise-IQ can introduce our clients to top ranked firms specializing in Google or Microsoft based platforms as well as firms specializing in tech-stack development- connecting siloed systems and creating single source of truth functionality that allows for real-time data visualizations and monitoring.

Trademark Filings

If counsel is not already maintaining your trademark filings, Franchise-IQ can introduce our clients to established firms well versed in determining the proper trademark filings necessary for the business model as well as maintaining the good standing for the company’s intellectual property.

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