Strategic Business Planning & Corporate Development

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Strategic Planning for Your Business Success:

Franchise-IQ’s management team has decades of experience in strategic business planning & strategic development, facilitating the growth of both a public and private companies. We begin your business’ strategic planning by conducting a detailed review of your business model and your strategic market position.

At Franchise-IQ, we work side by side with you to:

  • Identify and refine your objective
  • Anticipate the potential risks
  • Formulate a strategy to achieve the desired results

We help identify internal and external factors effecting the business, assess market opportunities, and develop a strategic plan that aligns with your goals.

For your organizational development, we work with you to map your short-terms and long-term objectives, and formulate the steps necessary to develop your franchise business operation – outlining you training, support, technology infrastructure, and financial management criteria.

For strategic planning and market placement, we review your financials and prepare model projections. We work with you to formulate a proper fee structure to support your franchise operations while still remaining competitive within your marketplace. We help you prepare a desired path for franchisor evolution the as the business network grows.

The learning objective during this process are designed to provide you with an understanding of:

  • Franchising – as a method for accelerated business expansion
  • The role of your intellectual property, and the necessity to protect it
  • The steps to franchising & model growth
  • The management of the network

Corporate Development

Franchise-IQ’s Corporate development services go hand-in-hand with our business planning consultancy, and are a vital part of your growth and expansion plans. Our corporate development services involve a forward-looking approach that is designed to help our franchise clients establish the cornerstones to achieve their strategic goals of expanding into new markets. Below are the core areas of focus for our corporate development services:

Corporate Structure

We work with you during the corporate development process to establish the formal structure of your franchise business that will act as the foundation of your organizational development. For example, during this phase, we work with you to establish entities, and prepare necessary article, bylaws and resolutions; to facilitate the drafting of licensing agreements between entities; to develop employee and key employee agreements. And, if necessary, coordinate the filing of trademark applications.

Also, If you need to reorganize your corporate structure, or protect certain assets before you expand, we can assist you.

Strategic Relationships

As part of the corporate development process, we work with you to showcase the strategic development of you vendor & supplier relationships, which are critical in franchising, or work with you to develop them for expansion purposes.

Good vendor and supplier relationships provide several benefits to franchisees, including consistent quality across all locations, cost-effectiveness through discounts and better pricing, and, possibly, valuable support and training to franchisees, such as product knowledge and best practices for equipment usage.

Additionally, vendors and suppliers often provide new products and technologies to the franchise network, which can help franchisees stay competitive in the market.

These and other factors addressed during our development strategy discussions are designed to plan for product needs in advance of your business’ market expansion.

Corporate Finance

As your are developing your franchise model, raising capital, managing debt, and invest in expansion opportunities often becomes part of your growth objective. We can work with you to establish financial strategies that align with your goals, whether it’s to raise capital for a new technology or invest in a foreign market. The goal of our corporate finance services is the help you establish methods for improved cash flow, increased profitability, and reduced financial risk.

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