What We Do

Help our Clients Build Regional, National and International Organizations

Franchising International Quest (Franchise-IQ) was established to foster accelerated growth of small and medium sized businesses through franchising. We assess your business to determine if franchising is the best expansion approach for your model, and if it is:

We help you to clarify, articulate, and communicate your business model through your franchise disclosure documentation;

We work with you and design systems that improve franchisee performance, accelerate network growth and maximize success. We help develop departmental functionality that provides efficient oversight, and that can evolve as the network grows. We understand the importance of building a quality system for rapid expansion;

We work with you to create manuals and training tools for engaging, monitoring, and supporting franchise performance. We understand the necessity of being able to quickly and effectively transfer your business knowledge and expertise to your network, and the importance of encouraging positive leadership styles that foster team growth & enhance customer engagement; and,

We work with you to to build a sales process to expand your established and respected brand, and help you implement technologies to address today’s rapidly changing market conditions. We understand the importance of brand integrity from the initial prospect review & engagement process to franchisees’ independently working with customers.

We help our clients achieve growth and success through franchising.

However, if franchising isn’t the best method to accelerate your expansion, we can prepare alternate growth plans that are better suited to achieve your objective. We find optimal approaches and craft unique strategies that meet your growth goals.

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